Greetings… to Goddess

Last night in dream

I saw your father

He was driving

In full gear, farther

He smiled in a fashion

I felt your vibration

But you were invisible

Around, yet untraceable

I addressed him as Da

As dear as my own pa

And asked him if the Temple had

Any exclusive ritual in hand

‘Sorry, no idea’ — he said so politely

Calling my surname, suffixed with ji

And suggesting that we take a break

Opened the door after pressing the brake

Then I waited and thought of you

The idol in Temple sparked with glow

I reached the door and chanted prayers

Folding my hands, till forming layers

‘Oh you’re here!’ pops your voice from behind

Smiles the Goddess, as she throws me a node!

Everything turns, then, just like a dream

As we turn sideways to a parlor ice-cream.

What happened next was clear to us both

 Yet we did restrain Flames to the Moth !

(22 Oct 2020)

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