A Floral Day-Out


We’ve come a long way through

How far still, dear?

‘Lean a little forward, please

And I’m sure we’re there!’  🙂


‘First time you had said green is the sign

When I sprouted, you changed the line

Then you say here, ‘We’re very near.’

‘Yes, lean a little forth, we’re right there!’  🙂


‘They watered an’ nurtured, made us to grow

Leaves, buds an’ petals formed on us to show

Then you come ask me for day-out dunno where’

‘Just a little forward, and we are right there!’  🙂


‘A long journey on foot, despite the roads

Sometimes you pointed towards the woods

So scary forest– it ain’t look so fair!’

‘Lean a little forward, and we’re right there!’ 🙂


‘You’re getting naughtier, making me tired

Dream to see the market, already mired

Highway in jungle—only we are here!’

‘That’s why I implore — lean a little, dear!’  🙂


(Composed: 17 May 2020)

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