Your eyes without my sight

Your lamp without my light

Your pen without my words

Your song without my chords.

Your books sans me in market

Your looks sans me in target

Your ears sans me for sound

Your heart sans me to pound.

Your hairs sans me to flow

Your air sans me to blow

Your hands sans mine to hold

Your lips sans mine to mold.

Your arms sans me to embrace

Your charms sans me to impress

Your pains sans me to put balms

Your gains sans me to sing psalms.

Your cheeks sans mine to feel it

Your mouth sans mine to bill it

Your tongue sans mine to taste it

Your lungs sans mine to breathe it.

Your anger sans my attention

Your silence sans my vibration

Your calls sans me to respond

Your texts sans me to decode.

Your joys sans me to cherish

Your voyage sans me to relish

Your poetry sans me to read

Your pleas sans me to plead.

(The last stanza remains….)  ©Chiranjibi Kafle

7 thoughts on “Incomplete

    1. Really? Thank you so much… yeah, it’s just “so so…” 🙂 n why is it that ur site has been switched to inaccessible mode since long? are you okay? Hope, all’s well with you.


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