Fagu Poornima (Holi)

After crossing a year-long sojourn

This occasion has arrived again

Singing the spring’s lofty rhymes

Like young lovers in happy times.

Every year it does colour bring

People’s hearts do grip spring

This time also it has come

To invite us all in its fun.

Gurans budding in its tree

Cuckoo’s cooing heard by thee

Enchanting and winning season

Colours permeate through our vision.

Around me are my chums dancing

Sweet flute’s fluency, some are chanting

Colored bodies—red, blue, brown…

All feel on top as in crown.

Holika’s burnt soul also in hell

May too be drawn to this revelry’s spell

Clamour of ‘Holi’ suits our song

Evening to see the bright Full Moon.

With this Full Moon the Fagu ends

And goes away– away from us

Until the same moon to shine in the sky

Until next year it bids us Goodbye!

(Holi, 1986, Kathmandu)

Copyright: Chiranjibi Kafle

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