TWIN Flowers


(An elegy to a pair of pink geraniums)

We exist on both the sides

Both the sides are ours

Do water and nurture us—

We are twin-kling flowers.


Our one side’s grounded, clear

Fertile green, the other

But if you stop watering

Shortly we will wither.


We can smell each other

Albeit there is gap

Feel the inner vibrations

From roots to the cap.


But then we should look for air

So that we can bloom

Blending with our two life-force

Deeper we can swim.


(Composed: 7th May 2020)

N for a Name


N for a Name

N for Nation

N for a pal

N for Nepal!


An’ N for New

Refreshed like Dew

N for a notion

Nourishing potion!


N for Novel

Neat and noble

N for a Nose

So proud to pose!


N for a Nest

An’ for the best

An’ N for Never

To part with, ever!


N for a Name

N for Nation

N for a pal

N for Nepal!


(27 May 2020)

A Floral Day-Out


We’ve come a long way through

How far still, dear?

‘Lean a little forward, please

And I’m sure we’re there!’  🙂


‘First time you had said green is the sign

When I sprouted, you changed the line

Then you say here, ‘We’re very near.’

‘Yes, lean a little forth, we’re right there!’  🙂


‘They watered an’ nurtured, made us to grow

Leaves, buds an’ petals formed on us to show

Then you come ask me for day-out dunno where’

‘Just a little forward, and we are right there!’  🙂


‘A long journey on foot, despite the roads

Sometimes you pointed towards the woods

So scary forest– it ain’t look so fair!’

‘Lean a little forward, and we’re right there!’ 🙂


‘You’re getting naughtier, making me tired

Dream to see the market, already mired

Highway in jungle—only we are here!’

‘That’s why I implore — lean a little, dear!’  🙂


(Composed: 17 May 2020)

I caught the Star


I caught the Star

Above the woods

Far in the sky

Across the hoods.


There it did stand

Sparkling white

Beaming and blinking

With glory, yet quiet.


And there, upon it

I did salute its grace

And it did descend

To catch me by crest!


I wished to embrace

So stretched my arms

But off turned my Glory

And withdrew her charms.  😦 😦


(©CK 27 March 2020)



I promise

I will not steal

Nor rob, seize or encroach

Never did I ever intend that either

I promise I won’t…

But will you offer me, for real?

Look at the plight of my unfurled hands

Do they forebode renunciation?

Please go ahead, and rest assured

I want to see you fruiting incessantly

Till eternity

I’ll wait

Hoping for the blessings

You’d ultimately shower on me!


(CK: 8th April 2020)



Such a joy!

Such a joy to be in your book

In lines, and

Of course between lines!


Such a fortune to feel at home

Even when miles and

Giga-miles away from home.


Such a bite of cuisine you serve

In a dish of heart laid bare,

And an untold pining to share.


Such a joy to feel your pulse

Beating as it does like mine

And to mix in tune with thine.


Such a joy to feel your touch

Even when I am coarse,

With the flows of your own force.


What a joy to look into

Lovely pair of worlds called Eyes

And to roam there free inside!


Posted on the occasion of World Poetry Day (Composed: 20 Feb 2020; Photo sources:

To make you winner (Updated)



Turn, and take a step forward

Towards me

I shall double the pace of my flight

Towards thee.

Take but a step backward, I shall see

And glide back by five folds, per se

Helping you to succeed in

Stretching the gap between;

And blocking others racing in

To ensure, so that you may win.

Stride by leaps as far as you may,

Away to a distance you enjoy

Turn not backward, as to bother,

About me that may just wonder

My sole goal for ever

To make you the WINNER!

( Photo not mine: Copied from Internet)

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भोली होली :)



भोली होली

भूली होली

कहा गै होली ?


मीठो बोली

‘मोबाईल’ टोली

शाब्दिक ‘लोली’


हात मोली


खेल्यौ होली




हा! रङ्गोली!


भोली होली

भूली होली

कहा गै’ होली ?


Happy Holi  🙂

Your Eyes



Your eyes are mine eyes too

And the center of

The aroma I imbibe.


When we close our eyes

And delve deep in and around

The entire Cosmos reverberates alive.


We cogitate and observe

Sound or speech sheer redundant

Yet each cell rises up, to survive.


Cool and quietude

Celestially ‘orgasmic’

A warm embrace, to revive.


Your eyes are mine eyes too

And the center of

The aroma I imbibe.


(10 Nov. 2019)

 (PS: I found the attached painting at an Asian restaurant in London, and was so inspired, more for its concept than for the sketch as such. Salutes to the creator, though unknown to me)


Hornet’s Grip



An imagery

A Poetry that’s aptly set

But gripped by a hornet.


But gripped by a hornet

Pungent on a side of light

Chilling on a bite.


Chilling on a bite

Healing demands soothing fest

Of feelings and zest.


Of feelings and zest

Prolonged with fuel to taste buds

Yet never at odds.


Yet never at odds

Mind and body both at ease

Elation, release!


Elation, release

Or switch on second brewery

An imagery.


An imagery

A Poetry that’s aptly set

But gripped by a hornet.



(Photo credit: Unknown/ Google Search)